Regressive Films New Short Film “Earth Is Not Room Enough” at 2016 Fantasia Fest Montreal Weds Aug 3!!!


We are super excited our new short film “Earth Is Not Room Enough” is making it’s Canadian Premiere at the 2016 Fantasia Fest in Montreal. It’s a great festival if you’re into Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror films.

Our new short is a Lo-Fi/Sci-Fi short film about Sam, a young, vinyl enthusiast, who garbage picks a strange record collection and set of electronics. Through a journal found buried in the vinyl, Sam realizes they once belonged to a Physicist who has mysteriously disappeared. As Sam attempts to re-create the audio experiments in the journal, he unwittingly falls down a rabbit hole of intrigue and unexplained phenomena.

Bonus points to whoever recognizes a legend from Chicago’s Punk and Art scene in a special cameo role!


Joe Losurdo and Christina Tillman are husband and wife Chicago-based filmmakers. Their company,Regressive Films, produced the 2007 documentary “You Weren’t There- A History Of Chicago Punk 1977-1984” (Factory 25), a feature film of a hardcore punk musical “Sacrificial Youth” (Leomark), “Chicago Party” Short Doc (Numero Group) and the Sci-Fi short “Earth Is Not Enough”.


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