Regressive Films launches Record label imprint with Alona’s Dream Records!

Regressive Films is proud to announce it’s new record label called, cleverly enough, Regressive Films (all those branding tutorials have finally paid off). Our new label is partnering up with Alona’s Dream Records and we have just released our first record, the never-before-released Trial By Fire LP from 1982. When Chicago Punk legends Strike Under broke up in 1982, 3 of the 4 members (Chris Bjorklund, Pierre Kezdy and Bob Furem) went on to form Trial By Fire. Arguably one of the first Chicago bands to play Thrash-style Hardcore, they quickly became scene favorites, especially amongst the new, younger All Ages set.

But far from being a by-the-numbers Hardcore group, Trial By Fire’s sound bore a heavy Stranglers and Post Punk influence as well, creating a unique repertoire of songs that sits right along side the best of the Effigies, Strike Under, and Naked Raygun. In fact, not only would bassist/vocalist Pierre Kezdy later join Raygun, he brought along their classic track “Rocks Of Sweden” with him.

Recorded by the great Timothy Powell (Effigies, Strike Under, Naked Raygun, Da!) in a warehouse right next store to Chicago’s famed birthplace of House music, the (aptly named) Warehouse, these 16 tracks represent a moment in time when Underground music was brave, adventurous, and flourishing throughout the rundown, crime filled streets of early 80’s Chicago. Transferred from the original Master tapes by Powell himself, these recordings still sound incredibly fresh and timely today.BUY NOW HERE

Check back at this site for info on more upcoming archival Chicago Punk, Hardcore, and Underground releases in the near future!



Joe Losurdo and Christina Tillman are husband and wife Chicago-based filmmakers. Their company,Regressive Films, produced the 2007 documentary “You Weren’t There- A History Of Chicago Punk 1977-1984” (Factory 25), a feature film of a hardcore punk musical “Sacrificial Youth” (Leomark), “Chicago Party” Short Doc (Numero Group) and the Sci-Fi short “Earth Is Not Enough”.


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